Friday, October 3, 2008

Beautiful Day at the Park

Ethan wanted to go to the park yesterday so we headed to Forest Hills which is not too far from my house. The weather was perfect. Warm, but with a cool breeze perfect for playing hard. When we got there, there was a huge group of joy schoolers already playing. We had a wait for a bit because Ethan just couldn't compete with them on the steering wheels and slides.
Here he runs toward the playground with anxiousness.Here he runs away from the playground with anxiousness.

At last the field trip went home and Ethan played and played and played. He must've gone down the slides 25 times. It was difficult to get him to leave, but he took an awesome nap afterword!


The Shark said...


Darrell said...

ethan cracks me up. I love the videos, nat. Keep them up. I also need a new camera. What kind is yours?

John and Melanie said...

LOVE the pics of the park. Jack sat here for 15 minutes begging to watch every single video of ETEA. Will you make one that's about 30 minutes long so he can be entertained while I make dinner please? That would be great. PS I tagged you :-)

MaddyChick said...

Natalie- your going to think I'm crazy but I saw your link on a blog so I thought I would say hi! Ethan is adorable. I'm so excited for your little girl. You look great. I have a blog to but it's set to private send me your e-mail and I'll add you so you can take a look.