Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pelfrey Safari

About an hour and a half south of Dallas is a tiny town called Glen Rose. Right outside of this town is place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Park (or something)... Anyway, we visit said park this memorial day weekend. It was super fun. It really is like a little safari. You drive through the park and check out/feed the awesome animals they have there. We saw  tons of animals. The kids had a blast. No one was bitten, although several animals stuck their heads right in our car looking for food.
We didn't even have to go to Africa.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ethan at Six

I've been posting a lot about Libby and Ollie lately, but nothing about Ethan. Ethan is six years old and he is a fun and funny little boy. Where Libby is very bashful when you first meet here, Ethan is more than happy to chat your ear off. He loves to explain something complicated to you and he will walk around in circles as he does it. He absolutely loves school because structured activities are his best friend. Eric and I feel that he is a little OCD is some ways and his teacher told me he loves obeying rules and when they other children don't obey the rules it really stresses him out. Ha! We will see how it turns out.
I asked him a few questions tonight so I can immortalize how Ethan was at the tender ago of six.
What is your fav food? Hot dogs
Favorite book character? Clifford (he also loves Dr. Suess, Berestain Bears and Richard Scarry)
Favorite subject? Art
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Policeman
Favorite toy? Legos
Favorite Vacation? Utah
Favorite Aunt or Uncle? uncle Jay
Favorite game? Hide and seek
Favorite plane? Southwest airplanes
Favorite scripture story? Nephi building the boat

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How To Flip A House

Well, the title is a bit deceiving because we don't per say know how to flip a house but we did give it a try. In fact, we are giving it three trys. (We own three homes in the metroplex that we are flipping) Our first house, the smallest, went on the market on Tuesday. Here is the link to view the listing: http://www.redfin.com/TX/Dallas/3714-Van-Ness-Ln-75220/home/30911757
Here are a few pictures I took of the house right before we listed it.

Its a super cute house and we worked really hard to get it in good shape. Eric was a superstar. We are now praying that it will sell quickly and for a high price. We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What Ollie Does Best

Libby has gotten all the blogging attention lately for some reason so I need to do some updating on Ollie and Ethan. This is an Ollie post. Ollie, oh, Ollie, you are such a funny kid. You are growing up so fast and I can't believe you are a toddler. At 20 months, Ollie's interests are:
  • Scrambled eggs (eaten with Libby several times a week)
  • Birds
  • Dogs (he tried to smooch a pit bull at the park a few weeks ago...yikes!)
  • Lightning McQueen and all the Cars characters
  • Reading before nap time in his Elmo book and his bird book
  • Strawberries and almost all fruits
  • Ethan's lego mini figures
  • Going down the stairs on his tummy at 90 mph
  • Detesting nursery (sniff)
  • Bath time
  • Refusing to share 
  • Watching Ethan get on and off the school bus
  • Peek a boo
  • Sitting on mom's bed
  • Smoothies
  • Jumping on Eric anytime he attempts to lay down
  • pony boy 
  • Walks in his stroller
  • Riding in the bike trailer
  • Popcorn
  • Pointing out airplanes

    Boy, how I loved my #3!

Libby's Preschool

 Libby, my precious 4 yr old, has had the great fortune to be in a little preschool class for the last several months. There are four of us moms that take turns teaching our four anxious little pupils. They've learned about flowers, letters, colors, insects, dinosaurs, shapes, numbers, magnets and all the other things that little people enjoy.
Here they are at my house making a Umbrella for the letter U. (Painting is their favorite activity!)

 Ollie got to paint too...what a lucky baby
 Lookin' good Libbs
My kids have loved preschool. With summer coming and no more school we are going to have to do some awesome activities. Mommy better turn on her thinking cap!