Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Quick Visit to Henefer

On our way back to NC, we stopped in Henefer. Ethan was happy to see Uncle Jay, Bryant, Stephen and Auntie Mavis. He also played with Grammy Sharon on the tramp, tractor, lawnmower, go cart, bouncy horse thing, and all the other Dearden attractions. Eric and I are having tons of fun seeing family, but we are anxious to get back home as well. Thanks Pelfreys and Deardens for letting us stay!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2012: Eric to be an Olympian?

The summer Olympics have really grabbed Eric this go around. Even though they are on late, he doesn't like to miss a minute. Mr. Olympics himself, Mike Phelps has especially inspired him. So much so, that Eric wants to go to London in a few, not as a spectator, as an Olympian! He wants to swim! I am encouraging him in rowing, or handball, or something more, uh, up his alley. But heck, Eric is a determined individual. I'm thinking he'll probably not follow the dream too long, but I will support him in his endeavors. My personal favorite events are gymnastics and diving, I think. We are leaving on Friday to go home where we do not have any stations on our television. This has been distressing to Eric. I might pull through, personally, but I am kinda sad. Anyway, GO USA! PS: Please notice our poll at the bottom of the page!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Blue Angels

Ethan, Eric and I had the opportunity to see the Blue Angels perform in Seattle last week at Seafair. It was amazing! For any of you that have seen them, you know how amazing their flight performance is. There were thousands of people there to see them. We left early to get a "good seat," but there were so many people that it didn't happen. We ended up in a neighborhood on a hillside trying to see what we could. It was awesome anyway. Ethan loved it. For an hour straight he was pointing at the sky saying "airplane, airplane!" He got scared a few times because they were so loud, but he relished the experience as a whole. Whenever he gets sad these days we distract him by reminding him of the airplanes that we got to go see. It's pretty much still working...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quick Review of the Pelfrey's Past Year

We have been lucky enough to have a very exciting, active year! Take a look!

Summer in Seattle

I am finally starting a blog. I look at all my friends cute blogs and I decided I gotta have one. So anyway, I am starting now.
We have been in Seattle since May living with the Pelfreys. They are kind enough to have us. Unfortunately, we didn't bring out camera battery charger and so we have no pictures of the summer. Pathetic! We have, however, had a great time and I think Grandma Pelfrey will definitely miss Ethan when we head back to Durham, NC next week on August 16.