Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visiting the Theriaults

This weekend my cousin and her husband Steve were kind enough to invite us down to Austin to their home. We had a ball! The fabulous weekend included pizza, chatting, BBQing, playing at the park, chatting, s'mores, swimming, a 5K run by Eric and Joonie, and more chatting. Ethan was in heaven playing with Janet's boys Noah and Austin and all thier trains and trucks. Libby was taken excellent care of by Emily, Janet's 8 year old. It was so incredibly sweet that I could hardly bear to leave. We can't wait to see the Theriaults again and we are wishing that Dallas and Austin were closer!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Everybody's Been

I had a thought yesterday while I was chomping down on some chicken McNuggets with Ethan. It is this: everybody has been to McDonalds. Everybody's been. We've all had a McChicken sandwich or Mickey D's fries or a McDouble, or whatever. Everyone has gone through the drive through and ordered a parfait or two apple pies or whatever. It's not like you hear somebody talking about taking their kids to McDonalds and you're like, "Hmmm. McDonalds? I've never eaten there...is it a chain?" Uh, yeah, try any freeway exit in the United States of America. Even if you don't currently like McDonalds, it isn't like you've never eaten there. Think back to your childhood. You parents surely took you there when you were little! Heck, even if your parents didn't, somebody's must have. If you've ever been on a school road trip and had to stop for fast food...if you've grown up in a place other than the Central African Republic, you've tasted a Big Mac. Celebrities, homeless people, business men, hairdressers, housewives, Sting, you name it... I dare anyone who reads this post to tell me that you've NEVER eaten at McD's. Betcha can't do it!
(Oh, and here's a plug for the strawberry sundae...try it instead of chocolate)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dallas, Texas

We finally arrived in the Big D for Eric's law internship. We drove from Durham with the kiddies, stopping practically every hour...it took awhile. On the whole though, he kids were good and we got to see some absolutely beautiful deep southern country. We also took it upon ourselves to eat at the Cracker Barrel, since there was one on every exit. Yum, yum! Our apt here that we are subletting is a pretty darn nice place (we got a deal, hee hee) close to downtown and to the building Eric will be working in for 10 weeks. Tonight we took a drive around the city. It seems like a neato place. I wonder if we'll end up here...