Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've Been Tagged

Three Joys
  1. Naps
  2. Venus Razors
  3. Long fingernails
Three Fears
  1. Drowning
  2. Burning alive
  3. War movies
Three Goals
  1. Keep my house as clean as possible
  2. Get Ethan to take a nap everyday
  3. Not spend all my husbands money at Ross
Three Collections/Obsessions
  1. Birdhouses--making them and painting them
  2. Taking lots of pix of Ethan
  3. Blogging
Three Surprising Random Facts
  1. I like meatloaf
  2. I try to watch Jeopardy every night
  3. I think Donny Osmond is something else


The Shark said...

Hey! None of those are surprising in the least! We all know of your crush on Donny!

Stefani said...

Aaaaakkkkk! I just barely walked in the house from, guess where...? ROSS!! Oh, there was no stopping me!!! Yee Haw!!

Also I'm with you on the Donny Osmond thing!! Oh Ya!

Darrell said...

I love Jeopardy. And my middle name is Ross. No, seriously, it is.

Theriault Family said...

eeeewwww... you like meatloaf??? :) lol!

Terri said...

Hey Natalie,
Cute Blog. Sorry to stalk you. I found you through a mutual friend. Glad to see you're doing well. I didn't know another little one is on the way. And a girl?! Congrats. That's way cool. Hope to keep in touch.