Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blazing in the Emerald City

I would just like to give a little shout out to those who lived their entire lives without air conditioning. They deserve a gigantic reward. Unexpectedly, Seattle is having some hundred degree (and over) weather...this is not usually the case, and so not many people have A/C. Let's just say: its difficult to deal with. I've never known what a huge wimp I am. Its embarrassing how much I've been whining. Hot, hot, hot. And then, I think about my brother, for example, in Mexico, surviving 121 degree heat...with no A/C, of course. Or my grandpa, who was stationed in Gainsville, TX back in the day. They just had to sit in their offices and hope a breeze blew in the window. WOW. Now that's toasty.
So basically, I'm baby. And a whiner.
I don't have it bad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mecham Reunion 2009

The Mecham Reunion was held in Altamont, Utah again this year. It was a blast as usual! The location of the Hidden Springs Ranch is way out in the sticks, but as I was driving out with Ethan and Libby I had all kinds of memories of when Eric and I were engaged. Almost exactly four years ago was the first Mecham reunion I attended and it was right before our wedding on August 5, 2005. I was so sad that Eric couldn't come, but me and the small fries still had a ball with the Pelfreys, who were all able to make it. (Except Spence, of course, who is dilligently laboring in Italy...) Ethan had so much fun playing with Brandon and Elliott and Libby got all the attention she could ever want from the girls and Gramma. I think my favorite part besides the chatting was the unbelievable food, purchasing a new Mecham Family Cookbook and Family Feud. It was an amazing time. See you in a few years, Mechams all!
(Unfortunately I don't have pictures to post right now because I didn't bring a camera cord to Utah. Coming soon...)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Christensen Family Reunion 2009

Another fabulous Christensen Reunion has come and gone. My mom did an awesome job organizing it and all my fun cuzzies were there to make it a blast. I think my favorite parts were the shaved ice, dibby dip and the Christensen Family poems. We missed Eric but we were glad we got to come to Idaho, have a good time and take a bunch of good pix. Have a look!