Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eric Making Bunk Beds

Eric has really found an interest in woodworking in recent months and so it wasn't surprising that he recently made the kids a beautiful bunk bed set. The project really didn't take very long even though Eric felt like it dragged on. The kids had a blast with him out in the garage attempting to "help." The night we were finishing, Eric was screwing the ladder to the side of the top bed, which was the final step, and...bzzzzz! His drill slipped off his screw and onto his thumb, making a nice hole in the base of his fingernail. Owwwww! Eric was pretty darn professional about it in my opinion and refrained from punching anyone or using choice language. Luckily, the thumb was not broken, just super bruised and sore and bleeding like a bugger. I'm happy to report that as of now, it is healing quite nicely. Anyway, needless to say, the kids had to spend one more night in their old beds. Since the final, final completion and assembly of the beds, the kids have been playing on them non stop. Libby and Ollie have spent hours playing pretend up there. It's great.
Eric does not cease to impress me with his talents. Nice work, honey!