Thursday, April 19, 2012

Soccer Player

Once a week for an hour Ethan has a little soccer clinic that he does with a few kids from the neighborhood. I say "clinic" because they are just practicing and learning a few basics, not playing real games or traveling all over the place. They scrimmage against each other though, and Ethan has a great time when they do those "games." Ethan is really good at listening to his coaches instructions and he is getting good and remembering to not use his hands. Soccer practice is fun for everyone because its held at a field next to one of our favorite playgrounds which also happens to be across the street from our house. Libby gets to play on the playground and mom gets to sit on a blanket and chat with other mommys. Ollie also likes it because he gets to lay on a blanket and every once and awhile before mom can catch him he gets to eat a handful of grass. Ha!
Now tell me, isn't that the cutest little soccer dude you've ever seen?

Still Enjoying...

...the spring weather. They keep telling us it gets much worse, but right now we are loving sitting out on a blanket in our backyard, playing at the park and walking up and down our street.

Ollie's Crawling!

Ollie at 8 months!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scarred For Life

This is kind of silly but I've just had the goldarndest bad luck with my right knee. So, awhile back, a tripped on the stair coming into the house carrying both baby Ollie and groceries. There was no way to stop myself lunging full on into my lovely brick Tudor home other than to take the full force in the knees. Um, ouchy. Huge bloody hole in my knee. Took forever to heal. Finally, right when the scab had pretty much fallen off and it was mostly all better, we had an incident at the library. Lets just say I fell to my knees to clap my hand over Libby's screaming mouth. In the guessed it, skinned the crud out of that same knee. Wasn't too happy about that. So that wound healed quicker than the other one, but still took awhile. (Also, I have a little tiny tendency to pick scabs, so that didn't help any...) Anyway, if you can believe it, the other day after I closed my front door, I spun around to walk into the kitchen and caught my knee HARD on the coffee table. Gouged the dickens out of that same knee! What the heck!?
Pretty much I have a huge scar on my knee that I don't think is going anywhere anytime soon. Looking on the bright side, at least it wasn't my face.