Sunday, August 17, 2014

Utah Trip

I had the opportunity to drive with a friend and her kids to Utah when Bryant came home from his mission in Nicaragua a few weeks ago. We didn't tell Bryant we were coming and I think we gave him quite a shock when we showed up. Ha!
 On the way we stopped for a quick breather at Wilson arch in southern Utah.

 Bryant and moi.
 Libby playing with some of Daddy's old toys at Grandma Washington's new house in Heber. I love this picture!
 My poor Libby managed to get stung on the lip by a bee. Poor girl!
 Eating at Home of the Train in Heber. My kids are obsessed. (And I might also be.)
Playing at a park in Orem. Utah has so much natural beauty that I miss being out in Texas. But I don't miss the winter!

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