Sunday, August 17, 2014

Best anniversary gift EVER!

So I have this amazing husband and for an anniversary gift he surprised me with a trip to New York City...and North Carolina....and Florida! How did I get so lucky, you might ask? Well, first of all my husband is very thoughtful and loving, and second of all, he had to go on business to these locations and he got me a ticket to go along. I wish I'd taken more decent pix but here are a few:
 Oh my, I love New York City! Fourth trip to the Big Apple...
 At Love Field in Dallas...super excited for the trip.

 This is me at the Met. Since Eric had business I had to get myself for the hotel in Queens to the Met. I managed to do so and I was quite proud of myself. BTW, I am selfie impaired. I need to take a class or something.
 The Metropolitan Museum of At

 This is a piece of spray paint art that we had done in Times Square. If you haven't seen it done before you should definitely YouTube it. Its amazing!
 The artist who did it for us was this kid from Ukraine whose been doing it for about 2 years. He said he watched the YouTube video, came to the US, found a person who knew how to do it, was tutored for 2 days and now he does it on his own. Heck yeah, I'll buy that thing!
 This is the 9-11 memorial. I loved the design. It was very reverent.

 Max Brenner, chocolate restaurant!

 Times square. What a jungle.
 We went on a bus tour. It was a great way to see more of the city.
 A piano washed up on the bank of the Hudson. So there's that.
NEWSIES on Broadway! Happiest day of my life!
 The next leg of the trip was to Durham, of my favorite places and home for 4 years while Eric has in school at Duke. Eric didn't accompany me on this leg of the journey. He had business in Philly, I believe.
 Me in front of my old apartment. I just cried when I saw it. I love this place so much!
 At the Q Shack, our favorite place for North Carolina BBQ!
 Nom. nom nom. Although Texas BBQ is delicious, I think NC bbq will always be my favorite. Give me that vinegar based sauce every time!
 Me and Melissa Garza, my wonderful friend who hosted me for my short trip. We were in the branch together in Dallas and then her hubby ended up doing his residency at Duke so she got to move out to our old stomping grounds. It was so, so great to hang out with the awesome Garzas. I love NC. I would live there again in a minute.
 Last leg of the journey: Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Eric and I united again in FL for some awesome sea food and swimming in the ocean. Oh man, it was beautiful. Don't you love the background of the above pix?
 Gorgeous beaches
My photos are a little lacking in Florida. This pool at the hotel was so nice to swim in. We realized after we'd swam that there are windows in the sides of the pool that opened up into the bar downstairs. Sorry to everyone who was looking at my legs for an hour. Embarrassing! 

I'm so thankful for my dreamy husband who planned this romantic getaway for our 9th anniversary. It kind of makes me wonder what 10 will bring!


Jonathon and Sarah said...

Wow! What a nice husband you have. Yay for NYC. It sounds like you survived by yourself. And you went to Max Brenner! I hope it was awesome. Eric has a lot to live up to for your 10th ;)

Stefani said...

I love it all. Thanks for sharing. I'll do all that someday. Maybe Eric can tutor Brad