Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bahamas Cruise

I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. My husband not only let me go on a cruise for the weekend, he stayed home and tended the kids for me. It all started when Eric got home from scout camp in June to find me a bit frazzled with the kids. I told him that I might be in need of a girls weekend with my sister. Well, needless to say, "girls weekend" escalated into Bahamas cruise and it wasn't even a girl's weekend because we invited my brother Darrell!
Anyway, I thank my sweet and unselfish husband and also my kind friends who tended my kids while I was away.

The cruise left on Friday afternoon from Miami and returned to the same port on Monday morning. The ports of call were CocoCay, Bahamas and Nassua, the capital of the Bahamas.

Drinking virgin pina coladas and sitting on the deck
Chatting with Darrell and Melodie
Snorkeling at CocoCay
Sleeping in a comfy bed and not getting up to get kids drinks, take them potty, etc
Watching movies with Mavis
Going to church in Nassau
Giving Darrell marriage advice (ha!)

Getting stung twice by a jellyfish. Big Ouch.
Getting a bit nauseous on the ship
Nasty, fat people in bikinis
Missing my hubby and kids

So, so, so fun and such a relaxing time.  


Kristen said...

What a great weekend. That looked like the perfect getaway. yay for awesome husbands!!

Darrell said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa Nattttttttt

Melodie Dearden said...

muster stationnnnnn