Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ethan Starts School

Ethan started kindergarten this Monday. Wow, that was rough. Not for him. For me. I am very excited for him, and I'm not the least bit worried about how he will actually perform...its just the letting go of your kid part that kinda tore me up. I didn't think I'd get emotional, but leaving him in the classroom and walking out the doors of the school...well, couldn't hold back the tears. Didn't help that he was one of three white kids in the class. Or that his school does only all day kindergarten. Or that they don't have school buses, so I have to haul my kid to school and pick him up every day of the year. But, hey, I'm grateful that he gets to go to school and that he's bright enough that the rigors of kindergarten will probably not overwhelm him.
We'll keep you updated.

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Stefani said...

Did I mention that Brady's nickname in K-8 was "Wonder Bread" (recognizing that he was the only white kid in his class) and that he went to all day kindergarden... and that now he's a high school freshman and he survived just fine (and amazingly enough, so did I). I HAVE shed many tears though, it's amazing what those dang little kids will do to their, so called, tough mamas.