Monday, April 18, 2011

Reluctant Princess

Before church:

After church:

My friend gave Libby this beautiful white Easter dress. Since my daughter is two and acts like it, I knew putting it on her was going to be an ordeal. But with Eric holding her and me wrestling it over her head, we finally got the princess dress on. She screamed bloody murder the 30 minutes to church.
BUT...after three hours we came home and Libby had come to grips with the gown. I even saw her smoothing the tulle and walking with a little spring in her step.
And I say that is what good parenting is all about: forcing your kid to do stuff they don't wanna.
(I may not have had this philosophy as a teenager...)


travis and cammie said...

LOL! thanks for sharing. i had my first experience with having to pin down logan to get him dressed so this made me feel so much better! misery loves company right? lol

Stefani said...

Like mother like daughter... ahhh, I remember the days your mom forced you to wear stuff and you kicking and screaming. I think Darrell was worse though. Libby looks ADORABLE though :)

Melodie said...

Look how big Libs is! She is such a doll. Mavis, I want to see some pregnant pics.