Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hard Up For Humor?

As the weather in NC has gotten warmer, the kids are always begging to play outside. We don't have a real back yard, but that doesn't stop Ethan and Libby from running around like the own the place. I try to get a few things done in the house while I watch them out the sliding glass doors in our living room. I cracked up when I saw them doing the following, now one of their favorite games.

Unfortunately in this movie, the car did not catch him, but I hear all kinds of shrieks of terror and giggles as they get run over by the thing and then come tromping mud in the house. (Also, I hope you enjoyed my brother Stephen's singing to some kind of Mexican band...)


Michelle Hayes said...

Haha..your kids are cute. :) and Stephen's singing is lovely..

Melodie said...

Hahaha love it. leave it to ethan and libby to come up with that.

Melodie said...

also sorry that libby loves me before you. hahaha