Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two Nice Things

Tonight our family did a little activity before bedtime. We each said two nice things about the person next to us. This is how it went:
Ethan: "Daddy is nice to me and he makes blueberry pancakes for me and Libby!"
Dad/Eric: "Mommy is beautiful and she takes good care of you kids!"
Mom/Natalie: "Libby is good at saying 'I love you' and giving hugs. She is a good girl to go to nursery!"
Libby: "Eefie nice!" ("Libby, does Ethie play in the tub with you?") "Eefie play, not fight!"
Libby and Eth then gave each other hugs and kisses. It was pretty darn tender.


Luci said...

I love it!! What adorable children.

Stefani said...

I love family moments like this. thanks for sharing!

Darrell said...

hahaha, this is awesome

Caitlin said...

Love this!