Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thank You, Santa!

Yesterday something a bit stunning happened. Ethan sat on Santa's lap. There were no tears, no screams, no kicking, punching or resisting. He just got on Santa's knee in a business-like manner and stated his Christmas wishes. I was present, so I got to hear Santa say to him, "Now, if you want me to bring you some presents, you need to be a very good little boy for your mom and dad...okay?"
Fast forward to that evening. Ethan is holding still and actually letting me put his undies on after tub time. I comment on how marvelously still he is being. He then says, "Mom, do you know why I am being so nice to you? Because I want GOOD presents for Christmas!"
Excellent. Now all we have to do hold that over his head and remind him what Santa said and he snaps into an obedient young man. Ha! Thank you Santa! (aka Matt Tuttle!)

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Stefani said...

That whole Santa thing is AWESOME while it last. In fact I still use it...