Sunday, May 16, 2010

Since Daddy's Been Home

We've had a good couple weeks between Eric finishing finals and leaving for our internship in Texas. We've filled it with lots of fun stuff: trips to the park, stories, making cookies, rides in the jeep and two fun activities with our friends, the Mills. We took a day trip to Falls Lake, and hit an awesome beach there. Ethan and Libby had a ball splashing in the warm water, playing in the sand and eating oreos and potato chips. We also attended a Durham Bulls game, the minor league baseball team in town, and I have to admit I had a lot of fun. (Ordinarily I'd rather watch paint dry than baseball.)
We are going to miss being in Durham for the summer but very glad we have an extra year here in NC.


adespain said...

How fun, we miss our daddy way too much these days!

Stefani said...

Thank goodness for when daddys come back! Looks like lots of fun! Have fun in TX!
PS. Brady was on the Durham Bulls minor league team in little league a few years back. I always wondered what it meant... ha, now I know - I'm clearly Californian.

Melodie Dearden said...

I wanna come play too!

Darrell said...

Me too!