Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wait...wasn't she just BORN?

Libby is one. I am flabbergasted that the time went so quick. It seems like just yesterday that Eric and I were speeding to UNC in the middle of the night because baby girl was coming.
Libby is such a sweet and mellow baby...and my goodness, she is cute! She doesn't have any words yet, but she walks, dances, motions "all gone" and shakes here head no and yes. In her case, there is definitely "more to love" seeing how she is in the 97 percentile for height and weight. Chubby babies are the way to go.
We love you, angelface!


Stefani said...

she looks like Ethan in a girl body! And so, so adorable! Happy Birthday "L". Her cake looks HUGE! yum!

The Harrises said...

Happy Birthday Libby! I can''t believe you are one either. That cakes looks good on you!

Shannon B said...

She reminds me soo much of your cute expressions Nat! What a little ham! Happy B-day Libs!!!

Janet said...

so adorable... i want to see year old libby!