Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keeping Up With Libby

Libby has had a few events in her young life as of late. First, she learned how to walk. It is adorable. We love to watch her cruising around in that bow legged fashion of a brand new toddler. She isn't terribly steady yet, but there is no denying that she walks.

Second, she learned to dance. Hilarious, lovable, etc. She stands at her little table and shakes what her mama gave her!
Finally, she had her first trip to the Emergency Room. Poor angel. She was tottering around our bedroom with her new found walking skills last Monday night and crashed right into the bed frame at the end of her jaunt. Of course, she nailed her head on a sharp part and cut right above her little eye. The poor baby was bleeding like the dickens, and I thought she was gonna faint from loss of blood and all that. Thankfully, my good friend Melissa, a pediatric nurse, lives right next door, so I ran and got her. She helped us butterfly Libby's ouchie which stopped the bleeding so we could get her to the ER. There isn't really much of a climax...the doc glued the cut together with some dermabond stuff, sent us home, and Libby seemed to have forgotten about it by the end of the night. It is astounding how tough kids are. Now the bloody wound that I thought was going to send her to meet her Maker is no more than a tiny scab on her forehead. Amazing things, these bodies!
Anyway, there is the scoop on the Libster. Stay posted for Liberty birthday number one!


Brian and Lindsay said...

Yeah Libby! Next time try to get a video of Eric shaking what his momma gave him! That would be priceless

Shannon B said...

Dang Libbs! Next time don't crash into something, okay?? I am glad she (and you) are okay now! The other day Landon jumped out of his high chair and his head the the cupboard broke his fall. These kids are CRAZY!