Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Growing Up

Ethan's 3rd birthday arrived on December 1st and with it a fun-filled day which included a Mater cake made by daddy (yes, my husband is extremely impressive), a host of exciting gifts from family, friends, and grandmas, games at Chuckie Cheese's, and dinner (by his own request) at Chili's. What a party! But the fun didn't stop there...later in the week we had Ethan and Jack's traditional birthday shindig with friends. There were cupcakes and mocktails and lots of excitement from the kiddie section. Ethan is such a sweet, funny and darling little boy. I can't believe he's already three!


Loralee said...

Whoa...um, totally impressed with Eric's cake decorating skills. Maybe he should teach a class at enrichment huh?!

Janet said...

go eric!!!! the cake looks awesome! happy b-day little buddy!