Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pelfrey Needs

I am following my brother Darrell's lead and finding out what the world thinks I need by going to and typing in "Natalie needs."
According to google:
  • Natalie needs a nighty
  • Natalie needs to go
  • Natalie needs insulin injections twice daily
  • Natalie needs sponsors
  • Natalie needs to pay for a clock
Google also thinks Eric needs a few things.
  • Eric needs a hug
  • Eric needs cable petition
  • Eric needs a girlfriend
  • Eric needs to sell his stuff
  • Eric needs to update
I had no idea about all the things our family needs! I don't dare find out about Ethan and Libby. Haha. Try it.

1 comment:

Adam and Ariel said...

This was sweet. According to Google, Ariel needs:

1. an actual doorway
2. a new bassist
3. a miracle
4. to go away

and my favorite ...
5. an exorcism!