Sunday, January 19, 2014

Interview With the Kids

I like interviewing my kids every once and awhile for the blog so I can reread all about how they were acting at a certain age. Its amazing how time just keeps flying.

How old are you? 7
What grade are you in? First
What is your favorite book? The Big Book of Helicopters
What is your favorite movie? Scooby Doo Monster Matinee
What would you do with a million dollars? I would use it to buy all the stuff I want like the lego city set police patrol.
Where would you like to go on a vacation? I would want to go to North America Hudson Bay
Why? Because I can rent my own boat and drive it over the water
What is your favorite food? I'll stick to corn dogs
What do you eat for lunch everyday? Usually I get a sandwich, carrots, crackers or pretzels or animal crackers and sometimes a treat like pudding or brownies
Who is the smartest person in the world? George Washington
Where do you live? 34** Willowcreek Dr TX
Who is the meanest person in the world? I don't want to say anyone's mean
What is the zombie apocalypse? Its a dead person that is still alive and he's all slimy and green
What the best thing that happened to you last year? I had my birthday and turned 7
How old are you? 5
Where do you go to preschool? I don't know
What is your favorite movie? *shrug
Who is your favorite princess? Sleeping Beauty. And I even have the costume too!
What is your favorite toy? horseys
What is your favorite food? Mac
What is your favorite ice cream? Strawberry
What would you do if you had tons of money? Buy a toy that's really expensive
Where would you like to go on vacation? North Carolina...that's where I was born!
Who is the smartest person you know? Mommy
If an alien walked in our door what would you do? Scream
If you could choose one food you never had to eat again, what would it be? Well I don't like hot carrots
What is a zombie? Maybe zombies are like werewolf's or mummys

Ollie (2)
What is your favorite food? I don't know
Who is your favorite car? Lightning!
Do you like nursery? Yeah
How old are you? Good
Do you love mommy? *Nod
What is your favorite bedtime book? I like Lightning story!