Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chelsea's Wedding

 Eric's sister Chelsea got married recently in the Bountiful temple and we had the great privilege of being in attendance. Look at this beautiful couple!

 Eric and I hanging out at the temple
 Oops, insert. Ollie had his 2 year old birfday while we were there. It was so great. Both sides of our family were able to come celebrate with us. Uncle Stephen is helping him open his gifts.
 Our little family at the temple. Gosh, I love these little yahoos.

 Brandon and his soon-to-be bride Alisa playing with Libby. She loves them!
Ollie playing at the temple.
Ollie mowing the lawn in Henefer with Grandpa Utah.

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Stefani said...

They call him Grandpa Utah? Hahahaha! I love it!!