Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ethan at Six

I've been posting a lot about Libby and Ollie lately, but nothing about Ethan. Ethan is six years old and he is a fun and funny little boy. Where Libby is very bashful when you first meet here, Ethan is more than happy to chat your ear off. He loves to explain something complicated to you and he will walk around in circles as he does it. He absolutely loves school because structured activities are his best friend. Eric and I feel that he is a little OCD is some ways and his teacher told me he loves obeying rules and when they other children don't obey the rules it really stresses him out. Ha! We will see how it turns out.
I asked him a few questions tonight so I can immortalize how Ethan was at the tender ago of six.
What is your fav food? Hot dogs
Favorite book character? Clifford (he also loves Dr. Suess, Berestain Bears and Richard Scarry)
Favorite subject? Art
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Policeman
Favorite toy? Legos
Favorite Vacation? Utah
Favorite Aunt or Uncle? uncle Jay
Favorite game? Hide and seek
Favorite plane? Southwest airplanes
Favorite scripture story? Nephi building the boat


Melodie said...

He is cute as a budent!!

Douglas Porter said...