Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mavis Visit

I was lucky enough to talk my sister into coming out to Texas to help us with a little bitty project. Just kidding about the little bitty part. We are flipping three houses in DFW and these homes needed some serious landscaping. Eric and I didn't know what we were doing so we decided to get our local green thumb family member to help us out. Well, maybe not so local. Anyway, we got Melodie out here to to visualize what landscaping we needed, draw up a landscape plan and help us actually get 'er done. She was such a workhorse. We all were...even the kids. We got two houses landscaped and made a plan for the third. Whew!
She was also here for my birthday which was such a treat. I can't get enough Mavis.
 Riding all over Dallas to landscape.
 In front of our house. (Libby loves Auntie Meldy)
My twenty eight year old self.


karensumpter said...

I want to see pictures of some of these flips!

jeremy said...

Great day for the whole family!

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Stefani said...

I always love to hear Mavis adventures. We have thought of flipping some homes. Is the market good there? I'm always a little leery of Cali's.

Melodie said...