Friday, March 22, 2013

Texas Spring

I dearly love that spring comes early in Texas. Our trees in our front yard are in bloom and the weather is hovering around 70 degrees. It is the best time of year in Dallas!
We are enjoying our new house. There are lots of little ideas we have that are in the line up to improve our new crib. I planted a few bushes out front and weeded the flower bed the other day. It was pretty exciting to me seeing it was the first time I'd ever done yard work in one of the places I've lived. (I was pretty pathetic at it too...I had to call green thumb Melodie every 5 minutes)
Anyway, we went to the zoo during spring break with some of our new friends from the ward. It was crowded but very fun for the kids. One of our friends caught this picture. Libby refused to be in the picture but you can see her peeking around the corner.

Happy Spring!