Sunday, December 2, 2012

We Bought A House!

I am so excited. We bought a house. And, in fact, this is it. Nothing too fancy, nothing too big, but a lovely, new house. Our house is set to close Dec 31. Great Christmas present, don't you think?
The location of this lovely  4 bed 3.5 bath, 2300 sqft home is in Sunnyvale Texas. Sunnyvale is about 15-20 mins from downtown Dallas when there is no traffic.
I am pretty much ecstatic about our new house. I will miss a lot of things about living in the city though...the branch, our dear friends, being close to downtown and our adorable neighborhood, of course. BUT, I feel great about starting this new part of our lives. Wish us luck.
(We'll keep you updated!)


Lindseys said...

Congratulations you guys! That is a nice looking house.

Stefani said...

I wish it was Sunnyvale CA, but none the less, it is a super cute house. Congratulations!

Brian and Lindsay said...

So fun and so cute! Wish I could come see it! Maybe next summer, my brother lives in TX now so that's just one more reason to get my bum back out there! Congrats on being grown ups!

Carmen Monrovia said...

Yeah, that’s a big Christmas present for your family. They must be very happy to finally settle in this house. I’m sure you’re finished moving by now? How was the two months of living here? I bet you already made improvements, am I right? I’m happy for you and your family! +Carmen Monrovia

Genny said...

New home, new life! How long did it take for you to find this house? I wonder if you had a hard time searching for a new place to live in. I like the style of your home. It’s a mix of a gothic and contemporary design.

Genny Stutesman