Tuesday, July 24, 2012

If This Was All It Took To Make You Happy

Ethan has begun memorizing the articles of faith and to motivate him further I have decided to do a reward chart for him. He figured out most of the rewards. The things on this list represent the most sincere desires of Ethan's heart. As I glanced over the completed list, I wished that this was all it took to make me happy. Pop tarts, going to the car wash, eating at McDonalds... maybe I should take a lesson from the simplicity of Ethan.

Reward Chart
Articles of Faith 1            Snow Cone

Articles of Faith 2           Ice Cream Cone

Articles of Faith 3            New Mater

Articles of Faith 4            Go to a Kids Movie w/ Dad

Articles of Faith 5            Eat at McDonalds (complete!)

Articles of Faith 6            Candy Bar

Articles of Faith 7            Slushie

Articles of Faith 8            Pick a toy at the Dollar Store

Articles of Faith 9            Go to a car wash with Dad

Articles of Faith 10         New Legos

Articles of Faith 11          Chuck E. Cheese

Articles of Faith 12         Pop Tarts

Articles of Faith 13         Day with Dad @ the Galleria


Jonathon and Sarah said...

I LOVE this! Christian and I just sat down and made a similar list. Hopefully, we can actually do it now.

Stefani said...

I think I like most of these rewards, I might try motivating myself with some. BTW I love the picture of Ethan jumping in the pool!! Priceless!

Maclaine & Sara said...

I love this idea, Nat! I may have to try something like this for my girls. :)

Darrell said...

I love it. I really should try something like this with myself. Pick some goals, write out rewards.

Becky and Jimmy said...

Absolutely precious! You will be so glad you recorded this one day.