Thursday, February 16, 2012


Eric's dad, Steve Pelfrey, passed away in the last couple weeks after battling early onset Alzheimers disease. Here are some adorable pictures of Steve and Eric when he was little.
You know, Steve's funeral and the week surrounding it was an extremely touching experience. So very, very many people were there supporting the Pelfreys. Family and friends came from near and far. Ward members brought delicious meals. Cards, letters and flowers arrived by the dozens. People served in every capacity you could think of, even bringing toilet paper and paper towels by the house because they know a lot of people would be in and out. I was amazed. I realized that I was no where near where I needed to be as far as serving people at a time of need.
The funeral itself was also a fantastic and touching celebration of Steve and huge reminder of the things that really matter in life. I was not able to have too many years of interaction with Steve before he got sick and I look forward to getting to know him better when we meet again.
This experience was really a game changer for me...a sad time, but an enlightening one.
Thank you to those who taught me these lessons and set such wonderful examples.

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adespain said...

We send you our love. We celebrate Andys dads birthday each year and Andy shares memories of his dad with the kids, so we can keep those memories and that love alive.