Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Life

New Job
(Attorney at a big law firm)
New Location
(Dallas, TX)
New Baby
(Beautiful Oliver)

Wish us luck in our new life!


Janet said...

I wish you luck!! Welcome to Texas!!!

Stefani said...

New is FUN and exciting! Yay for you!

karensumpter said...

You'll love it!! Good luck in all your new adventures!

travis and cammie said...

yay! congrats! where will you be living? next time i visit my family i must come meet your latest youngins

Lynse said...

Congrats on everything! Oh your little Oliver is SO cute!!!

The Piercys said...

I am excited for your new changes! Congrats on all the exciting happenings! Good luck with move. Let me know if you come back to Utah to visit so we can get together again. It was so fun to see you.

The Harrises said...

Much luck and happiness. You'll do well!