Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's Wrong With This Family Photo?

K, lets start with What's Right With this Family Photo:
  • Everyone in the photo is alive
  • No one has blood or chocolate smeared on their face
  • Everyone is clothed (though Libby screamed for half hour straight regarding the sporting of a white shirt)
What's Wrong With this Family Photo:
  • Not one person is looking at the camera
  • Libby is obviously throwing a fit
  • Eric, trying to restrain Libby, is not able to concentrate on the camera
  • Ethan, though adorable, is in la la land
  • I, having had a baby exactly one week before, am a little on the fat side
I love this group!


Jenny said...

This is actually really cute-- I think it should be framed and put up in the house. :)

Hide said...

This is the BEST family photo I have ever seen! I LOVE it!

Stefani said...

I agree with the framing idea! Really! This is a brilliant photo!

James and Melissa said...

I love it! Just call it a candid shot, and people will think it was supposed to be that way! And Oliver is too adorable. Miss you tons!

Shannon B said...

You guys are just trying to demonstrate what really goes on in your house...if you were all smiling and looking at the camera, that would be "fake" right? LOVE the pic! It made me smile...big time!!

PS you look great Nat!!

Lindseys said...

The whole picture is hilarious, but I especially love the look on Ethan's face. Bored, bored, bored!

Darrell said...

bahhhhhhh haaaaaaaaaa

fun4u said...

yeah, there cute, see this and ull be shocked

Luci said...

But your hair looks good! :)

Maclaine & Sara said...

Nat--this is what life is all about! Even when we feel like pulling our hair out, these moments are priceless. :)

The Harrises said...

This has Christmas card written all over it!