Friday, July 8, 2011

A Sad Tale of Woe

Well, folks, I have bad news. No more pictures on the blog for awhile; our digital camera got stolen. It was taken along with our GPS out of our car while we were at church. It just don't seem right.
Anyway, this is indeed a shame because this month we have lots of things I wanted to photograph. Trips, two family reunions, etc. We will just have to make sure we replace it by the time we have our baby.
In the last couple years we have had people breaking into our cars a lot. (I guess I should stop leaving stuff in there over night...) Anyway, we've had stolen: an ipod, a cd player, the gps and digital camera...and, get this, the night before we left NC someone tried to hotwire the Miata!
People, stop messing with out stuff!!!


Stefani said...

We had a kleenex box, a car seat and our 72 hour kit stolen out of our car - weird thieves. I'm sorry about your stuff, that stinks!

Jankirs Reyes said...

its sad.. can u follow me? i'll follow u back. pls.. im from philippines

Darrell said...

hahaha, Nat, this is sad. Maybe you can borrow one of my cameras for awhile. I have 2.