Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break: We Saw It All

We are nearing the end of our time on the East Coast (sniff, sniff) so we decided to hit a few sites for fall break this year. We also invited my brother Darrell to tag along. He was an incredibly good sport seeing how we were traveling with two little wild indians.
We had a ball. I felt like we saw everything on the Eastern Seaboard. Which is why I must give an abbreviated review of our trip in this account.
The drove up to New York City first thing and did all the funstuff there. My favorites were: Ellis Island and Broadway's Phantom of the Opera. I could go on and on about Phantom. It was absolutely fantastic. (Eric had already seen the play so he tended Ethan and Libby at the hotel while Darrell and I went. Thank you so much, honey. That was very, very sweet.)
Other highlights of the trip were: Boston's Freedom Trail and Boston baked beans, creme pie and chowder, Newport Rhode Island, a corn maze and pumpkin farm in Connecticut, a real live train ride in New Hampshire through the beautiful fall leaves, Joseph Smith's birthplace in Vermont and Ben and Jerry's factory.
Darrell shared a bed with Ethan at the hotels, which I thought was a great prep for Darr for future fatherhood. Darrell was also very smart, as he brought earplugs to shove in for those early morning hours when the kids were up but the rest of us just wanted to snooze.
Thank you, Darr for being so helpful on the trip, we hope you had fun.
(For more pix from this trip, check out my facebook page)


Lindsay said...

geez, thanks for the invite guys
! oh how I miss having a fall break (and we miss you guys too)

Janet said...

darr is a great sport!

also, you guys saw TONS of stuff!