Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Her Real Name is ME TOO

Libby is the biggest me too-er. Oh my goodness, it is so funny. She does everything Ethan does. Ethan jumps off the bed, Libby jumps off the bed. Ethan refuses to eat carrots, Libby refuses to eat carrots. Ethan says, "Hi Daddy," Libby says, "Hi Daddy." About a thousand times a day I hear out of her little mouth, " Me too, Momma" or "My turn Momma" or a repetition of whatever Ethie just said.

Ethan said to me today, "Libby does everything I do because she loves me so much." That about sums it up.


Stefani said...

I love it! Pelfreys Rock!

Darrell said...

All I know is that girl loves pancakes.