Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember Me? I'm Your Mommy!

So during Eric's back surgery my mom and dad had the kids out in Utah. Eric and I were absent for about 10 days and I was starting to really miss my Ethie and Libbs. I knew, though, that they were having a great time at Grammy's so I wasn't too terribly worried about them missing me. I did, however, figure that they'd be happy to see me when I returned. Ethan was fact, I think he was truly glad to see me. I got tons of hugs from him when I came in the door to my parent's house. Libby...well, she was tough. She woke up from her nap a few minutes after we got back and my mom went in to get her so she bring her out and surprise her with mommy. When my mom brought her out and gave her to me, I expected hugs and kisses and exclamations of "Mama!" and all that. She sat on my lap in a state of stunned silence for about 25 seconds before she started bawling and reaching for Grandma. This happened a couple times...and finally she let me read her a story before running back to my mom. After awhile she gave me a half smile, then a few giggles and finally a hug. She still sometimes reaches for Grandma when I am holding her, but today was much better.
Wow. I never expected that in a million years. Apparently there was some close bonding going on while I was gone.
Maybe tonight she will let me hold her when she wakes up instead of crying for Grandma.


Stefani said...

Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Just ask my mom about the times we preferred your mom over her.

Darrell said...

Bahahahahah!! This is hilarious!!

adespain said...

How tough, I can't imagine how that would feel, we have never left the kids long enough to have this happen, I guess it is a comfort to know she truly did love where she was when you were gone.

Janet said...

this happened with noah when he was about libby's age. i went to camp for a week and he wouldn't come to me the whole weekend when I got home!!! :(