Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Giving Blood Can Be Very Flattering

So I went to give blood the other day for our communities Day of Service and I came outta there feeling like a million bucks. During the screening process, the kind individual that took my blood pressure couldn't say enough about how marvelously good it was. She then took my pulse and said, "Oh my! Do you exercise a lot?" (Anyone who knows me well knows thats a LAUGH). Finally, after seeing that I had the "Give Double" (you can opt to give double red blood cells) sticker she informed me that I needed to weigh at least 130 lbs to do so and that I didn't look like I would make that cutoff. (Another LAUGH) Wahoo! How extremely flattering!
The funny thing about all this is that I couldn't even actually donate--my iron was too low. But I came out with a Lorna Doone and some new found confidence about my blood pressure level, heart rate and weight. My appreciation, Red Cross!


Stefani said...

how funny, I got turned down at the blood bank the other day too because my iron was too low (by .5) they even checked it twice. However, I did not get all the compliments on my other vital stats. that you did. I just came out of there feeling like a failure (ok it wasn't that bad). I was hoping the other people there didn't think I was leaving because I was HIV positive or something;)

Darrell said...

Maybe he thought it said "230" instead. BAH HA! Just kidding Nat, that is awesome that they flattered you so much.

Oli & Mon said...

Hi Natalie! This is Monica(Stephens) - I just wanted to tell you that I found your blog and I love it! I tell Oli the funny comments that Ethan says and we both just die laughing. He seems like he is such a fun boy to have in the fam! Your family is so cute and I love your posts!
p.s. those are awesome compliments from the blood bank- I think you just inspired me to try giving blood a try- if not for the service... the compliments ;)

The Harrises said...

Pretty flattering. You look great. I'm glad the Red Cross can give service in more ways than one.