Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making Lame Excuses

Little Ethan has just discovered the concept of excuses. He has excuses for everything. He can't do anything due to a physical, mental or emotional obstacles. Some of these excuses have included:
  • I can't, my back hurts (hmmm, at 3? I don't think so)
  • I can't, I have hiccups in my back (physically impossible) MOST POPULAR
  • I can't, I want to take a nap (an obviously lie)
  • I can't, I am sad (the toys must go in the basket, regardless)
  • I can't, I'm too tired (again, yeah right)
  • I can't, I'm watchin' PBS Kids (not a priority, young one)
  • I can't, I'm hungry (only the advanced stages of starvation should inhibit your ability...)
  • I can't, I'm bored (never stopped me)
I may have a regular ne'er-do-well on my hands!


Darrell said...

bahhhh haaaaaa
This post is very funny. And hiccups in the back can be a doozie.

Shauntel said...

I want to leave a comment, but I can't.

I have hiccups in my back too.

(bwah ha ha ha)

Stefani said...

Hey thanks! I'm going to try some of those excuses

The Harrises said...

So true! I wonder where the work ethic is in my own children. Excuses are lame.

The Piercy's said...

Hahaha! He is so cute! I love how you post about the funny things he says. Three years old is such a fun age; they really start to get too smart :)