Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blazing in the Emerald City

I would just like to give a little shout out to those who lived their entire lives without air conditioning. They deserve a gigantic reward. Unexpectedly, Seattle is having some hundred degree (and over) weather...this is not usually the case, and so not many people have A/C. Let's just say: its difficult to deal with. I've never known what a huge wimp I am. Its embarrassing how much I've been whining. Hot, hot, hot. And then, I think about my brother, for example, in Mexico, surviving 121 degree heat...with no A/C, of course. Or my grandpa, who was stationed in Gainsville, TX back in the day. They just had to sit in their offices and hope a breeze blew in the window. WOW. Now that's toasty.
So basically, I'm baby. And a whiner.
I don't have it bad.


adespain said...

Don't worry Natalie, we have air conditioning and I still complain about the heat.

Stefani said...

LOL! Nat! I am a big whiner when it comes to being too hot! And on top of that I'm extremely grouchy! We don't have a/c and we mostly don't need it, but everyone in my family would pay top dollar during the weeks it's over 90 because mom is so witchy!

The Shark said...

Holy Moses... I don't think I ever saw Seattle reach even 90 degrees my whole life growing up there. You're not SUPPOSED to need A/C there! What's going on???!!!