Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Worst Actors/Actresses

There are a number of actors and actresses I can't stand for one reason or another. I will allow you to argue for or against these names in your comments. Also, feel free to add to the list.

Drew Barrymore
Number one worst actress of all time. Most annoying voice ever. She is especially offensive in Ever After. Oh yeah, she is not even close to pretty.

Russell Crow
He bugs.

Vanessa Hudgens
Fake, annoying laugh, terrible baby voice, dates Zac Efron. Must die.

Amy Adams
Sorry, but she is a little much.

Robert Pattinson
Okay, well, I've only seen him in a main roll in Twilight, and there was absolutely no chemistry between him and Bella. But I did bawl my eyes out when he died in Harry Potter.

Kristin Stewart
See above.

Ben Affleck
Nothing to him. He thinks he's hotstuff.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
I'm being generous to even call her an actress. I guess I'm not being fair because I've never even seen her in anything...haha...she just looks like an airhead.

Freddie Prince Jr.
Flash in the pan. Two thumbs down.

Scarlett Johansson
Guys, she's not that good.

Jon Heder
Shoulda stopped at Napoleon Dynamite.


Stefani said...

First off I love your new picture! A-daorable!
Second, I love your post. And I (almost) totally agree with you on all of your picks.
Drew Barrymore - lisp, big chin and acts exactly the same in all movies I seen her in. And what the crud is she doing as an "Angel of Charlie"
Russell Crow - Yes, BUGGS!
Vannessa Hudgens - um, I guess I've never thought of her much. I like HSM...I guess I like her ok
Amy Adams - I liked her in Enchanted and Night at the Museum and the early episodes of the Office. I guess I can officially say I do like her... sorry
Rob Pattinson - a friend of mine and I were commenting the other day that RP ruined the Edward Cullen we had in our heads
Kristen Stewart - I'm gonna have to give her a chance (Twilight is my only reference). She COULD be a little less emo (maybe that was just her interpretation of Bella - which was to moody I for my taste)
Ben Afleck - ugh... NEVER liked him. Major over actor and totally conceited. I do like Jennifer Garner somewhat though. I always picture the Aflac Duck quacking out, "AF-LECK"... lol, weird I know
Jennifer Love-Hewitt - um, we like the Ghost Whisperer. Her chest is too big to look natural.
Freddie Prince Jr. - the only thing i can remember him in is Scooby Doo and as the nanny in Friends. Not much of a resume, is it?
Scarlett Johansson - um... she's married to Ryan Reynolds, at least she has good taste.
Jon Heder - he is really only good for 1 thing... Napoleon.
This is probably my longest comment on a blog ever!:D

Brianne & Jarod said...

100% agree with you about Ms. Drew....drives me nuts! Definitely did not see Rob Pattinson as "Edward" but found him strangly attractive after I found out about his musical talents...it eased the initial dissappointment...

Loralee said...

Can I add Renee Zelwegger and Nicholas Cage to the list?

Darrell said...

Here are my thoughts:
D Barrymore- Worst actress of all time. Not that hot.
R Crow - is so good! I don't know why you don't like him.
Jon Heder - he was so stinking good in Napolean. I feel like he did ok in his other stuff.

And I don't have strong opinions on any of the rest. Except Vanessa Hudgens bugs.

Lindseys said...

I agree about Drew Barrymore. I also agree with the post about Rene Z. I think she does OK in some period pieces (Cinderella Man comes to mind) but that is about it. Don't quite get the attraction with her. I would have to add Cameron Diaz to the list as well as Matthew McConaughey.

The Harrises said...

Eddie Murphy
Adam Sandler
Cameron Diaz
Chuck Norris
Mr. T

Calvin, Ashton, and Camden said...

Maybe you will never see I left a comment on this way after you wrote it, but I can never like Scarlett Johansson again after watching, He's Just Not That Into You. She totally steals this girls husband, grrr. Haha. I would also agree with Cameron Diaz. Oh, and Nicholas Cage, he always is with this girls that are way too pretty for him in movies that he directs, haha. Anyway, good post!