Thursday, April 9, 2009


So I decided I would like to be a little thinner, but I want to eat whatever I want. So that leaves exercise. Hmmm. Exercise. Not something I've been known to do. My husband believes in it, he even does it sometimes.'s so....hard... Why can't I lose weight by talking on the phone or watching a movie? Why can't I drop a few pounds everytime a take a drive in the car or read a story to Ethan? Does it have to be exercise? Exercise is so...exhausting. I get sweaty when I exercise. Uck.
But you say, "Natalie, you just had a baby!" Darn right I did. Twins. Ben and Jerry. And I ain't givin' 'em up anytime soon.
I guess my fate is...exercise.


Shannon B said...

Good ol exercise! I hate it too. Try yoga once in a while, that is what I do. It is still a "work out" but it doesn't really feel like it. Although I am not sure yoga is a big weight loss method. Good luck to you!

PS your little chub is the cutest little gal. I thought too that it would be hard to love the next children (beside my oldest) but that love keeps rollin out! I couldn't love my little Landon man more!!!

Darrell said...

So randomly Carrie convinced me that I should do a Triathalon this summer. And I hate that kind of stuff. But I too wish to be healthy and eat whatever I want.

Stefani said...

Ha, you took the words right out of my mouth!! LOL!

The Shark said...

This is why you find ways to exercise that are not monotonous or that don't make you think about how hard it is. For example, I get a pretty good workout when I play ultimate frisbee because I don't think about how far or hard I'm running, I'm having too much fun trying to knock out Darrell's teeth.